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We believe that excellence in magic is achievable by all, through good teaching and effective learning, with full support throughout your journey.

At Magic on Demand, we can offer a range of ways to help you to reach the highest level in your magic. From classic moves to brand new cutting edge techniques and strong routines, we will help you to understand the philosophy, psychology, and approach that will elevate your magic to a whole new level.

We also offer multiple types of learning to suit all styles.

The Experts

All Our Tutors Are Experienced Magicians & Mentalists

Awards & Rewards

Gain Awards + Rewards 

Pro Online Courses

Our courses are professionally Filmed & Edited for maximum Learning to help you succeed 

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Online Courses

We offer courses for you to purchase via a one-off payment. They will help you to learn a range of sleight of hand methods and routines, as well as the psychology behind making them as effective as possible, and then practice yourself the techniques covered. The courses will be run by Stephen Leathwaite or select tutors that have been handpicked by him to match the ethos and philosophy of Magic on Demand.


Online courses from Magic on Demand are streamed in a DVD-like format, using the latest technology.

 No more dragging the bar across to find the part that you want! With scene selection, bonus, and other features built in to optimise your viewing pleasure, your learning experience will be easier to navigate and more engaging.


All online courses come with a basic certificate of completion. 

We also offer an enhanced certification package, where students can submit a performance video and complete a quiz assessment which will be reviewed by the Magic on Demand team. 

We will then feedback to you on whether you have met the required mastery level, and give solid advice and guidance if you still need to further refine your approach. 

We want to ensure that you can achieve success and get the most out of your investment, by supporting you all the way to the top of the mountain as you reach your personal peak!

   Who Runs 

Who Runs 

Magic On Demand?

-The Art Of Learning-
-The Art Of Teaching- 
-The Pursuit Of Excellence-


is a company founded by Stephen Leathwaite

Stephen has been learning the art of magic for 40 years and has performed 

professionally around the world (including America, Africa, Europe & extensively in the UK) for over 30 years.

Stephen has lectured on close-up magic across the UK, teaching his unique approach to constructing moves and routines while placing the psychology of the audience at the heart of what he does to ensure maximum impact.

Stephen has released 3 best-selling DVDs for magicians – The Spiral Principle, The Butterfly Pass- Project, and Leathal Weapons – and is well respected within the magic community. 

In addition, he has invented several successful single trick releases including Torn, Twisted, Restored (TTR) and Blind Date.

In recent years he has successfully launched FlatCap Productions, to film and produce high-quality instructional videos, showreels and trailers for the magic community.

Now with the launch of Magic on Demand, Stephen will be using his experience and knowledge of the art of teaching, the art of learning, and the pursuit of excellence, to help other magicians & mentalists reach their full potential. 

It’s magic like you’ve never seen before! Learning with Magic on Demand, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

Our Features


Learn from the accomplished teachers with an in-depth understanding of the subject.


Educate yourself with the top-notch study material designed by the EXPERTS.

LIVE CLASSES (Coming soon)

Learn concepts, practice questions & get your doubts cleared instantly in the LIVE Classes.


Get access to 24*7 Live Discussion group with friends & other students.


Practice chapter-wise Quizzes & solve Assignments to learn and revise concepts.

DVD Interactive Video

Learn through high-quality & easy to Navigate video Technology.


Get Important topics & updates for last-minute revision in PDF format.


Stay up to date & get notified every time the course content is updated.


Learn from the comprehensive & interactive course content.


Learn from the best in the industry with an affordable payment plan.


Learn with our every green Video Lectures.


Learn at your own pace through our easy to navigate Android & iOS App.





“ I’m fortunate to call Stephen one of my closest pals. He’s brought just as much joy to me as a friend, as he has as a magician, theorist and creator. His infectious passion, care and dedication to the art is both highly admirable and influential. His boundless understanding on the construction and delivery of strong magic, reflects the bottomless depth of his interest and experience.

Stephen’s philosophies, ethos and attitude within magic, provide a refreshing ray of invaluable light. Furthermore Stephen is an exceptionally skilled performer, capable of deeply touching the hearts and minds of his audience. In part, this is due to his extraordinary talent for story-telling, rapport-building and sublime acting – amongst the finest I’ve seen.

To me, this represents the importance of consciously designing all aspects of the audience’s experience, recognising that for them, their journey of wonderment involves much more than just tricks. As magic’s consumerist era marches on, the adage ‘sometimes you have to step back in order to move forwards’ is becoming increasingly essential.

We must regularly remember that as a performance art, it is not what we do, but rather how we do it that counts – a magician should be captivated not by the desire to fool, but to profoundly entertain. Stephen’s work is masterfully produced from the ground-up and in turn, leads to phenomenally surprising, emotive and memorable results.

As the sum of our mentors, we must choose them carefully. I would highly recommend any opportunity to spend time amongst Stephen’s wisdom – I envy all students who begin their journey here. ”


More Courses Coming Soon.....


Michael Murray


“ Stephen is one of the rare few that have truly mastered every corner of their craft. 

His knowledge is vast, his technical ability is extremely high and above all else, he knows how to create solid workable routines that are guaranteed to generate the responses that you are looking for. 

Now is your opportunity to learn from one of the very best in the business." 

– Michael Murray – 

Professional Mentalist 

– Creator & Magician-

Steve Wood

PROFESSIONAL Mentalist & magician


“Stephen has fried me so many times with his brilliantly constructed, elegant and perfectly executed magic. He blends sleight of hand moves with subtleties that produce beautiful, visual magic at its best. His teaching is also really strong. He has clearly taken the time to think in depth about every aspect, so he can fully communicate that to others, and he explains it really well. One of the finest magicians I’ve had the pleasure to watch.”

– Steve Wood – 

Professional Mentalist 

- Magician & Creator


Alex Crawford


“I’ve been a working performer for many years, and I have spent thousands on magic in my lifetime. I’ve learnt more with Stephen than I ever thought possible. With Stephen and Magic On Demand you are investing to gain wisdom that would otherwise take years to attain. I highly recommend the courses at Magic On Demand. The support and mentorship is outstanding. It will help you to achieve a higher skill level, become a better performer and build confidence in yourself. 

”-Alex Crawford – Professional Magician – Entertainer

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Is the brainchild of Stephen Leathwaite and the sister company to FlatCap Production.

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